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Resources for Potential Changes in 2020-2021

As we work to shape a viable and sustainable future for our district, we have identified some possible changes to our family of schools that could result in grade reconfigurations, school closures, and consolidations of school communities. One of these potential changes includes the closure of Wright Elementary School. These are extraordinarily difficult decisions to make, and we put a great deal of thought and care into our analysis of all district schools. We considered a number of factors as we developed these recommendations, including historical, current, and projected enrollment; current programmatic offerings; building utilization rates; building condition and design; needs of the surrounding community; and access to other district schools. 

As of November 1st, 2019, Wright has 225 students enrolled, only using about 36% of the building's capacity. The school has continued to see enrollment declines, and 45% of the current students there are transfer students from outside of the neighborhood area.

If the Board approves the proposal, the deaf education program would move to Patrick Henry Elementary School. Siblings of students in the deaf education program will also be able to attend Patrick Henry. This proposed move will allow students in the elementary program to transition easily into the middle and high school deaf education programs at Edison Preparatory School. We are already engaging with the teachers and staff in the deaf education program to understand potential needs for a new program space. Pending Board approval, we would work with the deaf education team to ensure that the team and facilities at Patrick Henry are well-prepared to welcome these students.

It is important to know that no decisions have been made at this point. We anticipate that the Tulsa Board of Education would consider any potential changes in January 2020. As part of the Board’s consideration of any proposed changes for the 2020-2021 school year, there will be opportunities for community members to share their feedback with Board members. You can find information about speaking to the Board, meeting dates, and agendas at

There will always be a place for your child in the Tulsa Public Schools family. In the event of a school closure or consolidation, students in the school community have the option to attend a new neighborhood school (their “school of right”), or families can apply to send their child to another school in our district. We also provide comprehensive supports to affected families to help them find the school community that is the best fit for their children and to ensure a successful transition to their next school.

Below, you will find a proposed draft map with revised school boundaries for Eliot and Patrick Henry elementary school. Based on your address within these boundaries, your child would attend Eliot or Patrick Henry as his or her school of right. If your child is attending Wright on a transfer, he or she would be eligible for a priority transfer to any other neighborhood school in the district, provided that there are seats available for the 2020-2021 school year. Our enrollment team also stands ready to provide support to help you find the school community that is the best fit for your child and to ensure a successful school transition.

If the closure is approved, all students and families will have an extended enrollment period and will have the option to submit an application for up to six schools. The enrollment window will remain open up to 7 additional days, including weekend day support. Families will use the existing enrollment system at The enrollment team will do outreach to all families to ensure they are supported. Our enrollment team will be available to provide up to two days of on-site enrollment support for students and families. Students and families can attend our Enrollment Expo on Saturday, Jan. 11 at 10 a.m. at the Cox Business Center and learn about all of our schools. Students and families will also be invited to attend “Open House” events at their new neighborhood schools in the early spring of 2020. Families can also contact their new neighborhood school directly to schedule a visit to learn more about the school.

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Next Steps

December and early January

  • Meetings with staff and families potentially affected by closures and consolidations
  • Meetings with families potentially affected by grade configuration changes

January 6

  • Superintendent presents recommendations to the Board of Education for consideration

January 21

  • Superintendent presents recommendations to the Board of Education for Action

If the recommendations are approved by the Board of Education:

January - March

  • Meetings with teachers and staff potentially affected by closures and consolidations
  • Meetings with families potentially affected by closures and consolidations

March - June

  • District and school teams plan for and begin implementation


  • Changes would take effect