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Reading with Paw Pals

At Wright Elementary, we are always trying to think of fun and creative ideas to keep our students engaged, especially when it comes to reading.

Learning to read is essential for our students, so finding a way to create a fun reading experience is important. Sometimes that means reading with friends - even if that is man's best friend.

Reading with Paw Pals is a program that allows students to read with volunteers and their dogs. They spend a lot of time in local areas where their dogs spread love and offer a sense of peace, and now they are visiting Wright Elementary School on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

"We have found that when the students practice their reading skills by reading to dogs, it builds their confidence and improves their reading skills," said Warren Pagle with Paw Pals.

Each time they visit Wright they will meet with a different grade. Students who practice good reading habits and show excellent behavior will have the chance to read with the dogs.

"This is a new adventure for us. We chose this group to try to stir up some excitement about reading. Also, to be able to incentivize and award students' good behavior," said librarian Heidi Bornert. "We are starting with kindergarten through 2nd grade."

Eight dogs came for the first visit and 2-3 students sad and read with each dog. Paw Pals hopes to bring more volunteers and dogs out as the program continues. They also hope to increase the number of visits.

Students, faculty, staff, and dogs were all excited about the visit.

"My favorite part was ready to Toby. He was so excited," said 2nd grader Jasiah Anderson.

"The excitement was just amazing when the students first saw the dogs. We are wanting to do creative, out-of-the-box ideas at Wright Elementary," Heidi said.

For more information please visit Wright Elementary Library.